Frequently Asked Questions

Chimney Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Chimney Ridge?

A: Chimney Ridge is a group of townhomes that were established 1974 for a common interest. Membership in the Association is mandatory and is based on Ownership of a Unit within the designated community boundaries.


Q: What are the fees for the association?

A: The fees are $220 per month and are assessed to each Owner of Unit. These fees pay for the common elements of the community that are shared by Ownership by all Members.


Q: What do the fees pay for?

A: The fees pay for common areas like the upkeep of the private streets, the clubhouse, pool, landscape, tennis court, electricity for the common areas, water for the association and its residents, and much more. The fees also pay for roof and stucco maintenance of each Unit. Please feel free to contact a Board Member or review the financial information on the community website for more information on the assessment fees for the community.


Q: How is trash pick-­up handled?

A: The trash is picked up by our landscaping service. Trash collection day is every Thursday, before 7am. Please put your trash at the curb, in front of your unit either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning before 7 am. Please do not place your trash out earlier than the evening before pickup. It makes our neighborhood look unsightly.


Q: Who handles mail and the community mail boxes?

A: Mail is handled through the USPS. Upon purchasing unit, you should be provided keys from the prior owner, but if you need to get new keys or have the lock changed on your box, please contact the USPS branch at 6255 San Antonio Drive NE or by phone at 505-­‐346-­‐1230. If there is a problem with the community mailbox, please alert the USPS Post Master at 505-­‐346-­‐1230.