New Homeowner Information

Welcome to Chimney Ridge!
Below is important information for you to be aware of as a new resident of Chimney Ridge Homeowners Association. This is only a summary so we recommend that you review all governing documents, including the Welcome to Chimney Ridge packet.
  1. Your monthly assessment is currently $220 per month. Some of the items covered by your assessments include water, garbage collection, landscape maintenance in common areas, insurance, administrative costs, management, etc.
  2. RVs, boats, trailers, campers, recreational equipment, etc. may not be parked or stored in your driveway or anywhere onsite where visible for longer than a week. 
  3. The speed limit in Chimney Ridge is 10 mph.
  4. Trash pick-up is on Thursday morning by 7:00 a.m. 
  5. External changes to your home (landscaping, painting, re-stucco, additions, etc) must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval prior to any work being done.
  6. Yards are to be free from debris and weeds. Your interior yard landscaping must be maintained in a neat and attractive appearance. Trees and shrubs must be kept neatly trimmed, and grass kept cut and healthy.
  7. If your contact information changes, please notify the HOA maintenance contractor. It is important that we have up to date telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Forms to update this information can be found on the Chimney Ridge HOA website.